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  • KMT-H20 420MPa
  • KMT-H20 420MPa
  • KMT-H20 420MPa
  • KMT-H20 420MPa

KMT-H20 420MPa

KMT-H2O (USA) 50hp/37kw 60kpsi

max flowrate 3.6L


KMT H20 JET 50 waterjet HP.Pump
● KMT H2O JET 50 HP. pump is a cost-effective, another best choice of waterjet cutting applications!
● KMT H2O Jet 50 using KMT advanced technology, ensure a long-lasting and stable performance

● In order to make it easy use and control, H2O JET 50 insisting on iInnovation and simplify operation

● Under the pressure of 420MPa, it's easy to cut steel, aluminum, stone and other materials.
● The compact pump design makes it easy to replace seals and repairing.




H2O JET 50 waerjet Features:

● PLC basic control
● Switch control and stop
● Electronic control hydraulic reversing
● Manual cooling water valve (oil/water heat exchanger)
● Remote on/off, stop, high and low voltage conversion
● Low pressure water pump / 10 um filter/ pressure manometer
● Return oil filter
● Double pressure compensation
● Low pressure water relief valve (30psi)
● 60,000psi design

Technical Data

H2O JET 50 High Pressure Pump
System InformationUnit
Rated Power22 kW/PS
Maximum Continuous Pressure60,000/420 psi/MPa
Maximum Flow3.8 L/min
The Biggest Single Nozzle Diameter0.36/mm
The Control Voltage and Power24V DC;5 Amps DC
Maximum Noise Level75/dB(A)
Oil Tank Capacity114/L
Cooling Water Consumption(24℃)11.4L/min
Accumulator Capacity1/L