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DYP 5X Head

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  • DYP 5X Head

DYP 5X Head

DYP dynamic tilting head

High accuracy, and more faster

Tpaer elimination

Tilting cut within degrees +/-10°

Seamless splicing for marble and ceramic


3 axis cutting has taper physically, and cutting more faster taper is more bigger

DYP 5X Head

DYP 5 axis dynamic tilting head is very useful to remove this taper, it can tilt the set to remove taper by needed part:

DYP 5X Head

DYP +/-10°Dynamic tilting head present very good performance in high precision metal cutting and stone, porcelain parquet cutting .

It perform accurate dynamic vertical compensation and taper cutting within +/- 10degrees.

It can follow the edge of shapes cut within 10 degree dynamic tilting the nozzle with its 5-axis linkage system, specially suitable for parquet cutting. 


A,B axis work on HarmonicDrive with absolute value servo motion system, IP67 water/dust proof, present high accuracy and durable last longer performance.