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  • TKT 420MPa
  • TKT 420MPa
  • TKT 420MPa
  • TKT 420MPa

TKT 420MPa

TKT Series high pressure pump

60k TK-intensifier (USA), 415MPa, 60kpsi, 50hp/3.6L/min

available in waterjet machine High pressure pump  30HP  / 40HP / 50HP. 


High pressure pump description :

The high pressure pump of waterjet machine have many different type .
 High efficiency, cost effective, reliable performance, low maintenance... These are advantages which lead customer to purchase TKT  high pressure  intensifier pumps. The most popular model is the TKT 50HP,rated for 420MPa/4150bar operation. Teenking also offers 30hp/40hp high pressure intensifier pump and 80hp / 160hp ultra high pressure intensifier pump. which can meet the need of different customers.


1.Intensifier is the core of waterjet pump which generate high pressure. we use components made in USA of highest quality with the latest technology, To assure stable performance and low maintenance,

TK-Trumpline image.pngimage.png 

2. attenuator is a container which storage mass of ultra high pressure energy, we consider for operator always safety, we designed Integral attenuator shielded by thick steel cover

3.Built-in oil air hydraulic cooling system ,saving 7-12 L/M of cooling water waste, it performs high efficiency for heat exchanger.

4.Internally installed safety bleed down valve, high pressure water dumps within 0.1 second.

5.equipped with world trusted brand components: Rexroth oil pump/reversing valve, SIEMENS main motor/contactors, OMRON PLC/relays.


also available in dual intensifiers